Holistic View of Business Impact across Customers, Channels and Campaigns

Companies spend a lot of time and money developing KPIs and generating reports. Having data can add a lot of value to a company, but having data and not interpreting it right, is worth nothing. With the right interpretation and the right visualization, you can introduce new insights, and take hold of the opportunities that your data presents. It is time for a fresh view on old data.

Business Intelligence or Reporting is a complex process given the ever-changing needs of users, speed of business and volatility, variety and velocity of data. Any reporting solution needs to scale with organizational changes driven by marketplace realities. ESDS Development brings its deep domain knowledge in building a flexible and scalable data management and reporting framework. The framework provides a holistic view of business impact across customers, channels and campaigns.

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Consistent Reporting

Manage & deploy standardized reporting & consistent KPIs across the enterprise, all atop the same data. Your teams gain a clear understanding of business performance and the actionable insights needed to improve it.

Self-Service Reporting

Analyst can conduct “off-road” analysis without requiring the intervention of the IT department.

Custom Hierarchies

Users in different roles, departments and organizations can analyze the same underlying data in the way that makes the most sense to them.

Organized Data

Appropriately organizing data using custom calendars, product categories, customer segments, geographic zones, and much more.


Key Differentiators

  • Crystal Clear Insights: With everyone working from the same set of master data and consistent KPIs, your entire business is poised to drive towards – and achieve – clearly understood goals.
  • Single Version of the Truth: When big data is represented visually, you can unlock insights that wouldn’t make themselves apparent in any other way.
  • See the Business from Every Perspective: When users can ask questions and see the business in a way that makes the most sense to them, your analytics become useful to all the users who stand to benefit from them – both inside and outside your enterprise.
  • Visualization through graphs: Fully integrated visualization capabilities let you visualize the full granularity, depth and complexity of your data without sampling, summarization, or the need to move data subsets from one tool to another.
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