Why Choose ESDS Cloud-Based Loan & Mortgages Originition System

All financial institutions are in a dire need of an end-to-end loan management system which is flexible, scalable, secure, and easy to implement. They struggle with loan management, collection, and recovery as well. So, lenders need to adapt to the increasing demand of consumers as they want cost-effective access to credit.

ESDS provides them with the exact solution – FinMark Software. It can help them gain a competitive advantage over others. ESDS offers a true end-to-end platform for managing various loan processes along with reduced infrastructure costs and a 360o view of real-time loan applications. FinMark software provides a segmental yet integrated and service-oriented software that caters to all types of lending corporations, be it finance companies, banks, or NBFCs.

This solution assists in managing the entire lifecycle of a loan, right from when the request arrives until the recovery with the power of the cloud.

Cloud computing has left no business untouched and is positively impacting every business worldwide. Therefore, even Loan Processing Businesses have felt an indispensable requirement of a comprehensive cloud-based loan originating system.


Why GoI chose ESDS for nation-wide Stand-Up India Loan Scheme?

  • Workflow & Benefits
  • Loan Origination Activities
  • Faster processing : Faster processing of the loan origination cycle right from lead management to the closing of the file and that can be done within 30 days or less.
  • Better customer : Better customer service can be achieved due to faster response time and multi-channel communication system.
  • Real time : Real-time monitoring of the complete loan process so that you get live updates at the comfort of your place.
  • Greater transparency : Greater transparency within the organization exists because everything can be tracked without any loss of the information.
  • Improved flexibility : Improved flexibility can be witnessed when introducing new loan products that are compliant with regulatory guidelines.
  • Reduced NPAs/defaulters : Reduced NPAs/defaulters will be seen and you will see ensuring optimum returns.
  • Huge savings on infrastructure costs : Huge savings on infrastructure costs using the cloud because the cloud provides scalability, flexibility, security, and agility.
  • Mutual platform : Mutual platform for all types of corporate and retail lending processes.
  • A multi-channel solution : A multi-channel solution with scalable BPM layer which allows customizations.

Integrations with popular Credit Bureaus, Money Providers, Payment Gateways and SMS providers


Integrated accounting with support for manual Vouchers, recurring journals provisioning and asset management


Robust workflow management module to ensure adherence


Integrations With India stack for easy Customer on boarding, EKYC and


Powerful business rules engine with integrated risk assessment algorithms for automating underwriting


Android apps featuring offline support for micro finance field activities and customer self service


Flexible analytics, visualization and real–time summary and charting operations data


Comprehensive support for individual, group, JLG, home, vehicle, MSME and secured loans


CASA Management with line of credit facility, recurring deposits, Built in wallets with agent Module


Integrated Collateral management module for hypothecating vehicles, gold and property documents


24/7 support, work on critical bug reports starts within 8 hours

Key Features

key_features1 Structured workflow for automatic routing of application
key_features2 Provide internal credit checking, credit scoring and compliance check
key_features3 Support different loan products and loan types
key_features4 Support multi-tier rate structure
key_features5 Loan type parameters and constraints definition
key_features6 Application details and status enquiry

Happy Clients/Clientele


Stand-Up India achieved great success only through ESDS' cloud-based comprehensive and profound LOS, i.e., FinMark Software. Our pioneered & patented auto-scaling capability as per the client's needs was a vital winning factor. FinMark software provided a perfect end-to-end platform for managing varied loan processes.

  • Handholding support
  • Providing Information on financing
  • Credit Guarantee

What exactly ESDS did for Stand-up India?

ESDS designed an all-inclusive portal for loan application and an online marketplace for banking. Following facilities were provided on the portal for borrowers and financial institutions:

  • Online and Offline loan application submission which benefitted everyone.
  • A Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable Loan Lending Solution for Marketplace, which made the process fast and people got loans in time.
  • Online Handholding feature for applicants to fill the forms in a quick manner.
  • Analytical reports & dashboard was a boon for the lenders as they could track everything on one system.
  • Integration with banks & credit rating agencies ensured that there is no fraudulent transaction.
  • AI-Based Chatbot proves useful for getting a fast communication response and increasing the level of customer service.

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