Office Automation

  • Online File tracking
  • Inward / Outward Letter
  • Online approval
  • Report at glance

Digital Record Keeping

  • Digitization / scanning of all the paper records and files generated
  • Provision of concurrent updation and addition in records
  • Unique system generated inward and outward numbers

Case tracking and monitoring

  • Automated system for tracking of individual case on predefined stage parameters.
  • Creation of compliance parameters on real time basis and compliance tracking on same.

File Tracking

  • Centralized Inward or Outward Letter management
  • Document / File Creation, Tracking, Assignment and Approval
  • File / Document Operations (Download, Print, Export, Share)
  • Barcode based Letter tracking
  • Document Search (Shelf / Rack Wise)
  • Unique system generated inward and outward numbers
  • Roles and permission based access to users - clerk, head of department and officers.
  • Priority wise distribution and allotment of letters
  • Report at a glance - Daily inward report, Daily Outward report, Department wise Pendency report, Category wise pendency report, User wise pendency report, Date wise pendency report
  • Historical data available on single click
  • Transparency in system through audit log
  • SMS and email notifications

Case Tracking

  • Case Entry (Creation, Modification and Closure)
  • Case Management Lifecycle
  • Case History and Audit Trail
  • Financial Information pertaining to cases
  • Case Tracking (Inquiry, Opening, Management and Closing)
  • Case Assignment and Re-assignment
  • Case Alert, Notification, Triggers Workflow and Calendar
  • Document Creation and Tracking to be tightly coupled and integrated with Ale Management System

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