Artificial Intelligence & Natural Language Processing powered by Neural Networks and Machine Learning helps me to accurately detect the user's intent & respond appropriately. I also dramatically improve conversational experience creating a context-aware dialog. I also ensure your users keep engaging and coming back to you service. More than a chatbot I am a platform that makes it simple and easy to build and train Intelligent Bots without the need for specialist Al skills. Your hots can then be exposed through many Chat and Voice channels, a custom mobile app or even your website.


Key Qualifications

  • EXPERIENCE : Experience Dialogue Management Videos, Images, Emoticons, Voice Technology, Designed to mimic human interactions
  • INTELLIGENCE : Intelligence Switching between Virtual & Real Agent, Business specific Intelligence, NLU
  • 3RD PARTY INTEGRATION : 3RD party Integration with Backend systems, API Access, Site Search, Single sign on, Ticketing Systems & CCM Software
  • SCALABILITY & SECURITY : Scalable — Vertical (Features), Scalable — Horizontal (Users), Automatic updates

Key Differentiators

Reads the keyword and responds appropriately Natural human like conversation Understands user intentions & contexts Ensures conversational experience Engaging & drives to business convergence

Chatbot Advantages

  • Instant ROI
  • Automatic reminders
  • Cross-selling, Up-selling
  • Personalized Banking Service
  • Easy KYC & Customer On Boarding

Retrospective Administration

  • Increase End-user Satisfaction
  • Improved Operations & Quality
  • Industry Specific Insights
  • 24x7 customer support
  • Dashboards & Reports

Evolution of AI in banking

Banks have richer data than any social media site, yet they have not been able to use that information to predict financial needs...
But now with migration of clients to digital channels, technology advancement in data and analytics, and rising expectations of clien ts an d regulators..
It is time to embrace new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) –including machine-learning algorithms and natural language processing

Our Chatbot & NLU System

  • Emulates human conversation and understands context to complete transactions
  • Gives personalized responses by learning about the user
  • Executes transactions on behalf of user
  • Handles complex intents
  • Expedites resolution through proactive services

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