Why We Need Agile Methodology For Web Development?

Why We Need Agile Methodology For Web Development?

Why doesn’t the Waterfall Model work?

With the traditional waterfall model we typically spend months specifying requirements, defining the user acceptance test plan, then developing the code and designing the user interface. Then months testing the code and debugging the code. Until finally it is ready for Release.

By the time you are done, not only has the project run out of cash, but the finished product is often obsolete and fails to meet expectations because end users were not involved in the process and didn’t give their feedback along the way.

Why go Agile?

The agile development approach is very different from the traditional waterfall model – i.e. the scope of work is not defined up front.

Goal of Agile methodology is

  • To have agility and flexibility at the core of the entire development process.
  • To find solutions for the evolving requirements through regular collaboration and communication

Method to Madness

Agile has its own share of uncertainties…

  • There is uncertainty because the setup of the team could change from sprint to sprint.
  • All the requirements are not available up front
  • Not easy to estimate the entire project costs

… but nothing so mad, that a SCRUM Master cannot control.

  • Emphasize customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Perform the tasks in parallel.
  • Plan, analyze, design, develop, document, and test simultaneously and iteratively.
  • And, invite user groups to steer development by being part of the process.

There are reasons for working in an agile development model.

Comfort in Chaos

The key to finding comfort in chaotic situation is to adapt to the newness – adopt the Agile Principles.

  • Welcome changes to scope of work throughout the process.
  • Face-to-face meetings or web-conference, at least once a week.
  • Provide daily communications and status updates.

Agile in Web Development

Web Development Team comprises of a cross-functional team, composed of web architects, UX designers, web developers, UI designers, content writers, video artists, SEO specialists, and Functional Consultants from both – Development Team and Client’s side

Benefits can be achieved for Web Development by creating modules and integrating them per sprint. Then optimizing the site through several minor adjustments, rather than waiting for weeks and making major changes.

Here’s why Agile framework is a huge improvement over the traditional Waterfall model of Web development.


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