Get speedy development done using Microsoft technologies

Get speedy development done using Microsoft technologies

Microsoft is the one of the popular most lading company in the field of technology. Microsoft is the source for the rise of various new technologies, and the no of developer using microsoft technologies is much higher than any other technologies.

Various Microsoft technologies

  1. Advanced Excel
  2. Net Core
  3. Net MVC
  4. Net
  5. Entity Framework
  6. LINQ
  7. Microsoft Azure
  8. Microsoft CRM
  9. MS SQL Server
  10. SharePoint
  11. Silverlight
  12. Windows Server 12

And many more. All these technologies are leading the world with the great support from Microsoft team.

Features of Microsoft Technologies

  1. Rapid Application Development (RAD)
  2. Efficient code for management practices and centralized library
  3. Simplicity and consistency of programming model
  4. Improvised quantifiability
  5. Service orientating design
  6. Robust solutions
  7. Ease of readying and maintainability
  8. Cross platform blends

Microsoft has provides a range of development tools (IDE) which are designed to make writing code for the many technologies easier and more efficient.

The above image shows the tools with appropriate environment.

The Application developed using these tools takes less time efforts as compare to others because it have various in build tools like IntelliSense, Command Palette, Function Parameters, and Peek Information which allows developer to code faster with minimizing the compile time error possibilities.

Microsoft Visual Studio is the one most commonly used tool which provides in build features like multiple of language support, Designing, Testing, and Performance analysis which makes it all-time favorites.


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